KUNA Pay is a crypto and fiat payments platform processing

  • Connection to multiple payment services to ensure business continuity
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Fiat and crypto processing capability
  • Ready-made solution to the Premium Exchanger


Fees Kuna Pay 🔗

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Fiat currencies processing - UAH, RUB, USD

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Deposit - from 1 UAH to 25000 UAH. Maximum amount of hryvnia deposit is 25000 instead of usual 14000

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Withdrawal - from 1 UAH to 250K on card (the payment is broken down into parts for 14999 and less) RUB withdrawal: 2.5% +50 RUB USD withdrawal: 3.5% +3 USD

RUB withdrawal: 2.5%+50 rublesUSD withdrawal: 3.5%+3 USD
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UAH deposits fees: 1.5%+5, UAH withdrawal fees: 0% Fees will decrease as the volume of transactions increases

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Customized HPP

Possibility to add your logo, change the background color and payment button. Read more 🔗

Buy and sell crypto currencies

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For merchants there is a possibility to sell cryptp currency to get UAH balance. Trading fees for merchants: taker fee 0.5% / maker fee 0.5%

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Sell crypto currency and send UAH/RUB/USD to cards

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Accept payments, exchange and withdrawal the crypto currency

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Kuna-code balance deposit fees is 0.5%

Crypto currencies processing

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Kuna Pay provides the ability to securely receive, store and withdrawal crypto currencies.
You will be able to generate a unique cryptographic address for each client, or for each request (invoice)

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Each incoming btc transaction is checked by a special software, and in case of high risk, the transaction is put on hold until it is found out.
Таким образом, сервис может обезопасить себя от случая, когда принятый «грязный» btc попал на вывод другому клиенту и его заблокировали на бирже.

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All our commissions can be viewed at this linkFees Kuna Pay 🔗

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Important! Before starting the processing, make sure that your account is configured for merchant. Special fees and the ability to generate multiple deposit addresses is open only for merchant accounts.
To get your merchant settings, please contact @kunapay or e-mail [email protected]

Advantages of working with KUNA Pay

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Availability of multiple duplicate providers. This makes it possible to increase fault tolerance and conversion

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cashback at volumes from 10M

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24-hour support that cares

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security by working in your own pool of P2P transactions

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possibility of depositing for USDT and alternative methods

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proven performance for 4 years - processing of Kuna.io exchange

Very soon:

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Processing RUB, USD

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Crypto processing

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Adding Kuna Code

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Adding UAX (Cryptogrivna)

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